A specialist on leadership, human performance and safety culture, David Bentley's career has spanned a range of industries across several countries.

David’s career began in military and civil aviation in Australia before moving to the US where he held leadership roles in Operations, Safety, Corporate Training and ultimately, Airport General Manager in Chicago for Continental Airlines, at the time, the world’s 5th largest airline.

Over the past 20 years, David has delivered leadership programs to thousands of leaders from a range of world class organisations in Australia, the US, UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and has worked long-term with stand-out companies like Virgin Blue Airlines, embedding a proactive, inclusive leadership culture.

David holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Technology (Human Factors and Safety Systems) has lectured in aviation science at major Australian University, and at a number of aviation colleges and has coached and mentored a range of leaders from a wide variety of organisations. He is recognised as a trusted advisor on leadership and people development. 


David is the author of 'Naked Leadership' a popular book about day to day life as a leader of people in the real world, packed with effective techniques designed for the Australian workplace.



Sara Hales will leave participants infected with her passion for the power and importance of integrity in leadership.


From a teenage runaway, to the General Manager of a $250M airport. From running a large outback livestock transit centre to setting up an international air-cargo operation from scratch. From driving cultural change through an organisation to a heartfelt engagement with emerging female leaders, Sara’s guiding principles of integrity and courage hold hope and promise for all people.


Sara believes that integrity is the single leadership principle of greatest importance, and of startling rarity. As business leaders are increasingly held to account on social and wellbeing outcomes, and as these outcomes become inextricably linked to commercial performance, through both shareholder and community expectations, leading with integrity is more important than ever before.


But, integrity is a tough task master. Offering encouragement and practical tips, along with some great stories from across the country and across the world, Sara will leave your leaders ready to empower their own teams, and strengthen their own leadership, and your organisation with the power and importance of integrity.



Rod Stone is a seasoned aviation professional with over 40 years of industry experience and in excess of 20,000 flying hours. He currently operates as a Check and Training Captain on Airbus A330 aircraft with a major Australian airline. Rod also has extensive experience on the Boeing 767 fleet in a Type Rating Examiner role, and 747 aircraft as a line pilot.
Rod holds a Grade 1 instructor rating and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. His professional interests in aviation extend beyond the flight deck to Safety Management Systems applied to high reliability organisations and studies in Human Factors and behaviour, with a focus on leadership and command. He completed his Masters Degree in Aviation Management with Griffith University (Queensland) and on graduation received the university’s award for academic excellence.

Rod’s academic experience includes time as a post-graduate research supervisor and sessional lecturer.



Sarah is a visionary motivational leader inspiring the achievement of exceptional results. Currently acting as Managing Director of Cariblue Consulting who specialise in working with businesses that want to expand, or to franchise and franchisor businesses that want to thrive. Sarah shares her knowledge on business growth, strategy and networking through keynotes and workshops.


She was the 2013 "QLD/NT Franchise Woman of the Year" and the Australian Institute of Management's 2012 "Owner Manager of the Year" for the Gold Coast.

Sarah has been a member of AICD's faculty as a facilitator, webinar presenter, writer and reviewer for over 9 years.  During this time she has facilitated over 180 courses from public courses to customised "In Boardroom" deliveries. She is currently accredited for over a dozen courses including four modules of their flagship course, the Company Director's Course. In addition Sarah has been a writer and reviewer of a number of their courses and webinars as well as keynote speaker on governance for AICD at national conferences.



Natalee Johnston is a professional military helicopter pilot, instructor, safety facilitator, auditor, speaker and mother.


Natalee has had a 24 year career within the military, Royal Australian Navy, fulfilling numerous roles that have required her to develop and display outstanding communication, organisational and leadership skills. Prior to joining the private sector Natalee has been;

  • Training officer responsible for the aircrew standards and delivery of instruction.

  • Light commander responsible and accountable for the safe delivery of operational capability to the  ship by leading and managing the aircrew and maintenance workforce.

  • Safety officer for the Fleet Air Arm, responsible to the Commander for the effective operation of the safety management system, improving the delivery of safety messages and goals.

  • Executive officer to the Squadron Commander responsible for the human resource, security and administrative  management of the squadron.

Natalee is a well regarded facilitator and presenter and has a unique outlook on the military aviation industry as the RAN’s first female pilot.



Lea is a strong believer that “you can’t be what you can’t see” and a passionate advocate for youth engagement and women in the aviation and aerospace industries. Lea enjoys motivating the next generation of aviation professionals to strive to be innovative, inspiring and to be empowered to make a positive difference in the world through leadership and aviation.

Lea has experience working within both the aerospace public and private sectors internationally and domestically.  Lea has worked in flight operations, private jet sales, aviation training, policy development and finance and administration roles and more recently in change management as the Innovation and Improvement Executive at Recreational Aviation Australia.

Lea holds a Diploma of Flight Operations, a Commercial Pilot’s License and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating.  Lea is qualified Lead Auditor, currently studying a Masters of Aviation Management at the University of New South Wales and completing a CASA Flight Instructor Rating.

Lea is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales, the Secretariat for TAAAF (The Australian Aviation Associations Forum), the first female chair of Royal Aeronautical Society Canberra branch and a board member of the Women in Aviation Australian chapter.



Lee de Winton joined Sydney Metro Airports (Bankstown and Camden) as Chief Executive Officer in April 2017, taking on responsibility for a significant aviation and property portfolio that includes over 250,000 flights each year and a customer base of more than 160 companies.

After working as a senior military officer, Lee left the Air Force in April 2015 to take up the role of Head of Freight Operations at Qantas. Leading an international team of Cargo Terminal Operations.

Whilst in the military, Lee served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan in Management, Air Traffic Control and Aviation Safety related roles, leading not only an entire coalition base in Afghanistan but whilst in Iraq, commencement of the establishment of a new airspace and civilian aviation structure.​


In 2012, the then WGCDR de Winton was the winner of the Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year  (NSW Community and Government Category).

Lee is a graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds a Masters Degree in Strategy and Management from UNSW and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.



Kate Osborne has dedicated her career to working with small businesses and franchises helping them shine, shift mindsets and drive change.

Tapping into her unique methodologies “Symphony of Life” and the Epi-Collective model, Kate helps her clients embrace their rhythm, find their confidence and transform their lives, because she believes business is more than the day-to-day operations, it is all the pieces of life that make up a person.

Her life experiences – being mentored by one of the world’s richest men, travelling to over 50 countries, owning two highly successful Flight Centres, nurturing and raising three children, a happy marriage, and all the scrapes and bruises from the times that did not go according to plan – are what drives her vision and mission to develop successful leaders.

Kate is an engaging and exceptional story teller, taking the listener on a journey through the magic she weaves with her real life analogies and compelling delivery. She holds the room in the palm of her hand, shifting thinking, changing perspective. Not only because she speaks the truth but you know she understands what it means to be a human being, to juggle life and work, to strive for success and to learn lessons, sometimes the hard way.



A widely experienced aviation professional with over 25 years in civil and military aviation.  Paul has a knowledge of the industry seldom found in an individual, having worked for various sectors including airlines, university flight training, Airports, Defence, CASA, Airservices, government, and private enterprise.

  • Airline pilot B727-200, Dash 8, delivering training in systems and procedures for the B737-800 type rating/flight simulator; RAAF on the Macchi MB236H jet; and Jet ranger and R44 helicopters.

  • Safety Manager responsible for the safety management system, processes, and compliance

  • Safety and Compliance managing the OLS for Sydney Airport, processes and improving gradients/safety margins.

  • RAAF Officer. Duty officer at Williamtown during the 1989 Newcastle earthquake, coordinated aid to the civil community.

  • Air Traffic Control Supervisor and Training Officer in Tower and Approach, established procedures to monitor military exercise low jet routes, and tactical deployments managing airspace, safety, and traffic.

  •  CASA flight crew licensing procedures, interpretation and advice on regulations, safety, technical adviser, trained in quality assurance and auditing.

  •  Airservices AIP Editor and Instrument Flight Procedure Designer.





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