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Terms & Conditions to Fees and Refunds

Last updated: 10/06/2019


This document outlines the terms and conditions that must be read and considered with the RTO’s Letter of Offer and other enrolment documentation.



Aerospace Institute does not charge a registration/enrolment fee for full qualifications or single units.
A deposit of tuition fees is request at the time of booking (see course information for details of amount).
Payment of course fees must be paid in advance by study period or by monthly instalments.
Payment of other fees (if applicable) such as books and resources, excursions, or non-tuition costs are due as per any schedule outlined in the Letter of Offer and Acceptance or Confirmation of Enrolment.
The RTO does not request more than AUD1,500 in advance for all fees including tuition fees and non-tuition fees.

Refund Policy


Any student wanting to request a refund for whatever reason must do in writing and within 14 days.


Any student wanting to request a refund for whatever reason must do so in writing and within 14 days of the incident taking place, or whatever the reason may be.

Application for a refund must be made in writing and addressed to the CEO, clearly stating the reason for the cancellation.

Non-tuition fees, such as registration/enrolment fees, student kit and materials fees, administration fees and fees paid to education agents are non-refundable.

A full refund of the course fees will be processed by the RTO only up to twenty eight (28) days prior to the nominated course commencement date.  If a student fails to commence with or without notifying the RTO, no refund will be offered, except in special circumstances.

“Special circumstances” under which a refund will be considered and which are beyond the students control:

  • In the case of serious illness–verified with a medical certificate.

  • Family or personal tragedy.

  • Acts of God.

  • Acts of Government authorities, for example where the student is prevented from commencing studies in the agreed course of study.

If required / or the RTO agrees to refund monies paid, it will do so within 4 weeks of receiving written application for refund.  The refund will include the nominated amount for all course fees paid (less any registration/enrolment fee, student kit, materials fees, fees paid to education agents).

If a student withdraws from a course of study after commencing, for any reason outside those specified under “Special Circumstances” no refund will be given, and the student may be held liable for any unpaid fees as a result of the withdrawal.

The RTO agrees to refund all monies paid, where the course of study has been cancelled prior to commencement in accordance with the scheduled commencement date. In such cases, payment will be made within 2 weeks (14 days). All monies paid shall be refunded in full.

The RTO will provide the student with a written statement detailing how the amount of the refund has been calculated.  All refunds will be paid to the person who enters into the contract with the RTO (for or on behalf of the Student) unless they provide written direction to the provider to pay the refund to someone else. Under no circumstance will the refund be paid to an education agent.  All refunds will be paid in the currency in which the fees were paid.

Note: This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. The RTO’s dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe the student's rights to pursue other legal remedies.

Personal Information

All information the student provides is true and correct

If the student changes their address during their studies, they must immediately contact the RTO and advise the RTO of their new address details.

Personal information (such as personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes) provided by the student will be kept private and not shared with any organisation unless legally required to do so. Legally we are obligated to provide your personal information to:

  • Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

  • Other Government bodies authorised to collect information form the RTO.

  • In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.




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